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I am still in the process of transferring my documents and outside links to this site.  Abundance of material, or lack of it, is not a sign of interest or lack of it, but rather the availability and plethora of materials on the web and their quality. All topics are selected within the broader theme of their relationship to each other -- an integration. Some effort is made to avoid overly-technical information, without diluting the contributions of original thinkers. Most of the information is presented on more than one level of understanding. 

This page is for a general audience with varied and specific interests-- thus journal articles are not always the best introductions (though many are used).  The idea is to map the territory of some interrelated domains (perhaps not always seen as related), though no effort is made to chart a course through this territory.  (In some ways this page maps significant aspects of my own intellectual journey and interests, though most of my own thinking is left out.)  The objective is to provide at least one link for each category, so that each visitor to this page can begin the journey of exploration from at least one point of embarkation in any domain here. 

Eventually this page will look more like a Table of Contents and the categories will have secondary pages so the page will not be so big.  (It is not yet well organized.)  However, for now, it is nonetheless a salutary exercise just to read down the entire list and reflect on the human condition-- with its vast challenges.  (Some links are temporary place-holders. Suggestions and observations are welcome.  I am sure there must be some candidates that should be included here.  Please suggest.  My thanks to Bill Huitt for some of these links in psychology, education.  His extraordinary example inspired me to put this page together and this service he has provided saved me lots of time.)

(Disclaimer/warning:  Not all links found on a "google" FIND page are equally bona fide, nor have they been evaluated for content validity. Use at your own risk.  Best to verify the accuracy of any information in them from more than one source, especially if it does not come through an academic publication--albeit academic research should also be subject to checks for accuracy.  Suggestions for corrections, additions or deletions are welcome.)                                             

OpenBooks"Knowledge is a single point, but the ignorant have multiplied it."

 Society and World Problems

  • Segregation, Ethnic Segregation, Genocide
    • Bosnia-Herzegovina
    • Rwanda

Long Island, New York:  An influx of immigrants has brought segregation -- and violence -- to a Long Island community

Segregation, Racism, and Civil Rights in the United States  (Harvard Civil Rights Project)   See PDF   (Greg Kagira-Watson)

"...the country [United States] is in the throes of the largest migration in American history... And while only a half century ago the country was nearly 90% white, within the next fifty years there will be no racial majority, and non-Europeans will actually outnumber whites in the general population - a demographic shift already appearing in an accelerating number of institutions and communities.  There is no greater challenge facing our nation than race.  ...Evidence of stark inequality abounds in virtually every economic and social sphere, and too many members of racial and ethnic minority groups live in a reality where opportunity remains color-coded. Unattended, this tragedy may well prove apocalyptic...  If we continue to ignore growing inequalities and divisions, we will become a thoroughly balkanized society dominated by a declining white minority. History and headlines worldwide provide ample evidence of the grievous consequences along that path."

    • example:  50 years ago Africa was 1/3 the population of Europe, by 2050 it will be three times greater.
  • Eradicating Poverty through Justice and Equality -- Reducing the Gap Between Rich and Poor

<>"The End of Poverty"  (Jeffrey D. Sachs book by the same name.  Time Magazine article -- Official TIME URL -- on Sach's book.)

      • Article suggests that the new age will be ruled by artistry, empathy and emotion.
  • Waging Peace through International Outreach, Relationship, Philanthropy and Advocacy

World Citizenship 

Establishing the Equality of Women and Men

Psychology and Health

  • Emotional development (competence)
    • "Even facts become fictions without adequate ways of seeing the 'facts'. We do not need theories so much as the experience that is the source of the theory. We are not satisfied with faith, in the sense of an implausible hypothesis irrationally held: we demand to experience the 'evidence'.  We can see other people’s behaviour, but not their experience. This has led some people to insist that psychology has nothing to do with the other person’s experience…"
    • Full text of the landmark study by the Office of Technology Assessment of the U.S. Congress - Unconventional Cancer Treatments, which Michael Lerner participated on as principal consultant. -- (at Princeton University)

Education, Psychology and Learning

    • "I believe it will seem very strange to the historian of the future, that a literal-minded generation began to accept the actuality of a 'collective unconscious' before it could even admit the possibility of a 'collective conscious' -- in the shape of the phenomenal world." -- Owen Barfield

Systems Thinking, Evolutionary Systems, and the Sciences of Complexity:

    • Edited by : Francisco Parra-Luna, Departamento de Sociologia I, Facultad de Ciencias Politicas y Sociologia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain


Science and Religion

"Origins: Back to the Beginning" explores how the colossal, mind-boggling forces of the early universe made it possible for habitable worlds to emerge. The clues begin with a race among scientists to capture lingering echoes of the big bang's ferocious energy in a microwave "whisper" from deep space. 

Moral Education, Character Development, Prevention of Violence

Conflict Resolution

Multi-Cultural and Peace Education

see video of kids around the world talking with each other live.

Establishing Racial Unity and Eliminating Prejudice

Interfaith Dialogue and Comparative Religion

Reference Resources

·         Beyond Intractability -- a free Knowledge Base on more Constructive Approaches to Destructive Conflict

·         Questia:  The World's Largest Online Library in the Humanities and Social Sciences


·         MIT  CogNet -The Brain Sciences Connection

·         Educational Policy Studies at the University of Illinois  (School of Education search engine will reveal many papers online)

·         Dictionary of the History of Ideas

·         Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

·         Principia Cybernetica Table of Contents

·         ibiblio -- the public's library and digital archive

·         Classics in the History of Psychology

·         Wikipedia -- free content encyclopedia that "anyone" can edit

·         Online Dictionary of Philosophy (Foldop 3.0 -- Swifilosofia)

·         Links to other academic search engines

·         Google for Scholars  (click here to launch it >> )

·         questia -- "the world's largest online library"

o     International Encyclopedia of Public Policy and Administration

·         Finding Federal Money for your project  (Greg Kagira-Watson)

·         Writing tips

·         Super Crawler on the web (science)

o    Example:

· (Cosmology)

· (Cosmology)


·         The Macroscope: A book on the systems approach to learning and problem solving

o    Introduction: The Macroscope

o    One. Through the Macroscope

o    Two. The Systemic Revolution: A New Culture

o    Three. Energy and Survival

o    Four. Information and the Interactive Society

o    Five. Time and Evolution

o    Six. Values and Education

o    Seven. Scenario for a World

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